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Medical Malpractice Case Review Service for Attorneys

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A Winning Advantage for Attorneys

Our medical malpractice consulting firm puts its extensive experience in medicine and law to work for you. If you choose our case review service, we will evaluate the merits of your case and provide an expert review. If you decide to accept the case, you can also utilize our proprietary "expert witness locator" service to select experts to assist you in the pursuit of the case. Our expert witness selection process is guaranteed to provide you with practicing, board-certified physicians in your geographic area.

Our service differs from other, similar consulting firms because we spend time reviewing the case and advise you against taking a case without merit, unlike other firms that direct your case to an expert and charge you $2,000 or more just for screening medical records. These services are often a waste of your money because cases are not screened for merit by a legal expert, so the service advises you to take the case just to get you to pay an expert referral fee.

Our firm has handled over 20,000 cases for attorneys and has been litigating medical malpractice cases for over twenty years. If you want expert witnesses for your case, we will find them for you!

Our clients often use our reports to attempt early settlement.

If legal analysis is what you need, Laurence R. Dry, MD, JD, is available to personally consult extensively on a case or associate on the case as co-counsel. Our team has members of the Kentucky, Tennessee, and Florida Bar Associations.

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