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Q: How is your service different from other consulting firms that provide review of medical records?


A: It differs in several ways. First, in terms of quality we rely on only a thorough review of the medical records done by a physician. If that physician has questions about the case that he feels unable to answer, then we have a list of consultants he is able to call. Some cases will be sent to physicians outside of the firm if they contain issues with which we are unfamiliar. Our insistence on a complete review of the records means we are unlikely to miss a good case or steer you into a bad one. Our prices for review and for experts are the most reasonable in the industry.


The fact that our pricing is fixed means that sometimes youÕre able to pass that savings on to your client.


When it comes to experts, first we won't use experts we feel overcharge for their services and once the expert has reviewed the case and you have been put in contact with him or her, we no longer add charges and this is a huge savings.


Our review is performed by a team of attorneys and physicians with experience practicing both medicine and law. Other consulting firms offer reviews performed by a retired Registered Nurse who is not trained in reading imaging studies such as MRI, CT, and X ray. Often the reports accompanying these studies are the key to finding a missed diagnosis. Our firm has a physician with over 20 years of experience to review your imaging studies so you can be confident nothing will be missed.


Q: How does the cost of your firm compare to that of other similar services?


A: Our flat fee will provide significant savings to your client. Unlike other consulting services that charge an hourly fee of $150 or more, our service promises to perform a thorough review of the complete set of records for only $500.


Q: What if we also need experts after we decide to pursue a case?


A: Our firm can provide experts for you.


Q: Do you charge extra for long records?


A: No, our firm does not charge extra for long records. We recommend that you send complete records. There are no additional charges.


Q: Is there any way that I can get an abbreviated review at a reduced rate to determine if I should obtain additional medical records? The fee is $200.


A: Yes, a limited review for the sole purpose of determining whether you should invest time and resources on obtaining complete medical records.  

A definitive opinion will not be given on whether malpractice occurred. This is for the sole purpose of helping you decide whether to invest in the case records.


Q: How do I get the records to you?


A: You have four options. We accept delivery by mail, fax, email or upload the documents directly to our website. Click here to make a payment and upload your records.


Q: Suppose I have a rapidly approaching deadline and I need an expedited review?


A: If it's less than two weeks until your deadline, you should call us to make sure we have the availability to get your review done. Ordinarily, we have no problem with an expedited review (even the next day) but to ensure that we can meet your deadline call us before submitting your payment.


Q: Why do you have a fixed fee for your review?


A: Several reasons for this. First, we want you to know up front how much the review will cost. Often, lawyers pass the cost of the review on to their clients. Secondly, it simplifies our bookkeeping. We attempt to provide a service for you and your clients that saves you and them money.


Q: What is your document retention policy?


A: We maintain your documents for 3 months after your report is generated. Cost of shipping documents is your responsibility. Please send a FedEx or UPS number for faster return.


Q: There are flags on pages of my returned records. What does this mean?


A: The entire record was reviewed. Those pages were considered more important or required research, follow-up, or were reference points in our review. The colors of the flag notes are immaterial.


Q: What if I want a verbal report?


A: Ordinarily if you wish to discuss the case, we prefer to wait until we have issued a written report. However, if you do not want a written report and prefer a verbal report we will try to accommodate you. In those cases where you want a verbal report, should you change your mind later, there will have been a memo to the file that we can send you.


Q: How do you pick your experts?

A: We ordinarily pick experts that are affiliated with a prestigious major medical center simply because we can generally rely on their credentialing process. Hence, we are able to guarantee the credentials of any witness provided by us. Often we pick experts that are based upon specific subspecialty training or field of interest, depending on what you request. We require any of our experts to be board certified, American trained and we make every effort to find experts that are in reasonable geographic proximity to you.

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